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Balkanci View

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Balkanci View

5304, Uzana, Gabrovo
Plenty of local and national specialties are available in the restaurant of the hotel Balkanci.
Come around lunch time for the best possible view. Try to avoid rain days.

Balkanci view is one of the most spectacular places in Bulgaria. Balkanci is still fairly unknown for many people that are not from the region. This is a place that definately deserves more attention. The place is located in the green” heart” of Bulgaria in a region called Uzana. When we say the heart of Bulgaria, we actually mean the actual geographic center of the country. It is an amazing feeling to be exactly in the middle of a certain country. Uzana region is a wonderful region full with amazing nature. The region is located only 20 kilometers away from the city of Gabrovo, 150 kilometers away from Plovdiv and 220 kilometers away from the capital Sofia. The road from Gabrovo to Balkanci is in a bad condition and the 20 kilometers turn to almost 1 hour of driving. This should not deter you from going up the road. The things that you will see will make you forget about this long ride.

The view is even more spectacular when you stand on the outside balcony of Hotel Balkanci. The hotel offers wonderful views and accommodations, as well as some wonderful local dishes. You can visit Balkanci in any of the four seasons. During the summer when the sky is clear you can see in the distance, while in the winter you can enjoy the snowy mountains of Bulgaria. This is one of the places that cannot be described with words, you need to see it. Even if this might sound as a cliché for a lot of people, this is the actual truth. I have plenty of foreign friends from Spain, Netherlands, Argentina, USA, Englands who came to visit Bulgaria. We went to all of the landmarks that Bulgaria offers and for all of them the Balkanci view was the most amazing place.

Buy a beer and feel the power of the mountains. There is nothing better than a romantic breakfast, sunny lunch or beautiful dinner by the balcony of hotel Balkanci. Even if you stay for only few hours, you will still feel the energy of this place. During the winter the place offers skiing and snowboarding which is another huge advantage. The next plus is that Balkanci view is only 50 kilometers away from the old capital of Bulgaria – Veliko Turnovo. Veliko Turnovo is the main tourist destination in Bulgaria and thousands of tourists visit the city every year. If you are visiting Veliko Turnovo you will be only few kilometers away and you must make a short trip to Balkanci.

When I arrived in Balkanci for a first time, I was stoned with the nature and with the view. I am completely sure that the place will become a top destination for the tourists. Go and visit Balkanci before everyone else. More and more local tourist copanies are starting to broaden their tourist destinations. It will not take a lot of time until the place becomes really popular. At the moment there is only one hotel in the area, but we can expect more in the near future. I guarantee you that this view will become your favorite place in Bulgaria.

How to get there

When you get to the city of Gabrovo you need to look for the marks leading to Uzana Region. Ones you get on Gabrovo-Uzana road there is no way to not find Balkanci.