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Banja Koviljaca

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Popular tourist town and spa in the western Serbia

Park 4, 15316 Banja Koviljaca

Banja Koviljaca is a town and popular spa in the municipality of Loznica. It is located in the foot of the Gucevo mountain and about 800m away from the Drina river.
According to a legend the spa got name after the fortified town Koviljaca which existed on the Gucevo mountain.
Archaeological research has shown that the area of Banja Koviljaca was settled even in the ancient times, firstly by Ilyrians. The remains a large Roman settlement Genzis that was discovered showed that the Romans also inhabited this area and probably used curative water of Banja Koviljaca.
In the Middle Ages, people massively used the sources of curative water. During the Turkish government, here existed Turkish hammam used by women.
After liberation of Serbia from the Turkish occupation, in the 19th century started construction spa facilities (a large number of villas, “Curative saloon” etc). After the World War II the spa was renovated and a special hospital for rehabilitation was opened.
The whole complex is situated in a beautiful park with fountain, suitable for walk and relaxing.
Since it is a very popular place there a lot accommodation options, especially in private rooms and homes.

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By Ibar Highway Belgrade-Valjevo-Loznica-Banja Koviljaca