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Barbie Shanghai

Photo credit: bumbleleaf / Foter / CC BY-NC
Barbie Shanghai
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The first Barbie flagship store, with the largest collection of dolls. Now closed.


Barbie Shanghai (closed in March 2011), was the first Barbie flagship store. It was located in Shanghai and contained the largest collection of Barbie dolls and products in the world. The interior and exterior designs were the work of Slade Architecture.


Inside, you would find spa treatements, skincare products, hair services and more. Girls would get to experience a runway show by dressing up and walking on the catwalk. As well, girls could take part in the Design Center and learn about the process of fashion design. If not of that was for you, you could just sit in the Barbie Café or the bar and enjoy a Barbietini (Barbi Maritini).

Opening hours

The flagship has been closed since 2011