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Basel Rhine Ferry Rides

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Idyllic hours spent cruising down the Rhine

Sankt Alban-Fähre 4052 Basel, Switzerland

The river Rhine is famous as the second largest European river after the Danube. However in Basel, it is probably the best and most relaxing way to enjoy it. The Basel Rhine Ferry rides are nothing fancy just good old ferries that rely on nothing else but the current of the river to get you from one side of the city to the other. Traversing between Basel’s five bridges to the other side of the Rhine can be done on foot, car or however else run of the mill like some people do. But for those with ample amount of time on their hands and no set schedule of when to arrive to the other side, then these ferry rides are a perfect treat. There are four ferries in total; the “Wilde Maa”, “Leu”, “Vogel Gryff” und “Ueli” and they all have no motorised way to operate them across the river. So the only speed available is based on how fast the river current is. Visitors get to enjoy a lackadaisical, very relaxed crossing while viewing the city from the river Rhine. It is a great activity to share with families and is popular with children.

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All seasons

How to get there

Tram 2 stop, Kunstmuseum