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Basilica di San Zeno

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A church built in dedication of St. Zeno

Piazza San Zeno, 2, 37123 Verona VR, Italy

The Basilica di San Zeno is a basilica famous for being the place of marriage of Romeo and Juliet in Shakespeare’s play. In reality, it was built in dedication of St. Zeno, who died in the year 389.


The church has been damaged and/or destroyed several times. The first was by a Mgyar invasion in the 10th century and for that reason, St. Zeno’s body was moved to the Cathedral of Santa Maria Matricolare but was placed back in the basilica a few years later. Later on, in 1117, it was damaged by an earthquake and later restored in 1138.


The interior of the basilica is divided into three levels: The crypt, where the body of St. Zeno is with his face covered by a silver mask; The Central Church, with several artworks displayed; The presbytery, raised on an arcade above the crypt. Attached to be basilica is a small church, the Church of San Procolo, where the remains of the fourth bishop of Verona are and The Abbey, which served as the residence of Holy Roman Emperors for a long time.