Bat Trang Village

Bat Trang Village ,vietnam Length in KM Effort Cost Written by: L_dragon

Summary: The village is well-known about Its' traditional career

More info: the career is developing for 700 years.In this village,people make all things: tea pot,cup,vase, many things they can make but It is special that this is a real art.All the products are baked-clay decorated colorfully and having beautiful shapes.Especially,the products are used in daily life by Vietnamese,they use dishes in meal,vases to show flowers,cups to drink water....a lots of activities every day.
if you visit this village,It's so funny when you can participate in producing these things.It's so interesting to discover your ability to creat art works
Also you can try some traditional food and visit some lancapes such as pagoda,old houses,baked-clay mills

Address: Gia Lam,Ha noi,Vietnam

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