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Beacon of Hope

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Statue for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Square, Oxford Street, Belfast BT2 7BB
Visit once in the daylight and at dusk. The structure shines differently in afternoon sun and in the setting sun

In a city which has a deep seethed war history, a statue defining peace and thanksgiving is truly a meaningful icon. Located in the ‘Thanksgiving Square’ overlooking the beautiful River Lagan is this 19.5 metres tall metal sculpture.


Built of stainless steel and cast bronze, this is the master creation of Andy Scott. It took six painstaking years of design and execution to erect this statue in 2007. It spirals upwards to hold the ring of Thanksgiving. The globe at its base is symbolic of peace, harmony and thanksgiving. It has a map of the cities and towns where the people migrated and trade was carried out in Belfast.


The lady has some cute affectionate names like ‘Nuala with Hula’ and ‘Doll on the Ball’. In the backdrop of setting sun and colourful skies, this steely structure glistens and looks somewhat psychedelic

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How to get there

The best option would be to take a walk around the city. Alongside the Lagan River and Waterfront, you cannot miss this statue