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Beglik Tash

Beglik Tash
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Beglik Tash

Pearl Road, Primorsko, Burgas
During the summer you can enjoy the delicious Bulgarian food, cooked in the local restuarants of Primorsko. On the main street and next to the beaches you kind find plenty of different places to eat. Bulgarian sea food is a must!
Go and visit Beglik Tash before noon. There are less people visiting in the morning and you will be able to feel the athmosphere of the place
Few Euros

Beglik Tash is a Holy-Thracian monument located in southeast Bulgaria next to the famous Pearl Beach. Pearl Beach is part of the town of Primorsko which is one of the biggest towns that are located south of Burgas(one of the biggest cities in Bulgaria). The town is a popular tourist destination during the summer when people rest around Black Sea. On one of the sides of Primorsko you can find the Pearl Beach, that has amazingly clear water and sand. Pearl Beach used to be part of the beach residence (Pearl Residence) of the former Bulgarian Communist Dictator – Todor Jivkov.

Bulgarians believe that Beglik Tash used to be kept in secret during the communism, because even the government was not aware of the actual history and background of this place. The road that takes us to Beglik Tash goes just next to the Residence of Todor Jivkov and continues up the hill and inside the forest. Officially the place is known as a holy place for the Thracians who used to live in nowadays Bulgaria. On the other hand, for many scientist and mystery fans the place have a different story. Some people believe that the place was established by an ancient civilization, while others believe that the aliens created Beglik Tash. The huge rocks and the way in which they are carved, form and moved makes the story of this place questionable. For many people it seems impossible that an ancient civilization like the Thracians was able to move and carve these huge megalithic rocks. There are more than 10 amazing and huge rocks that are situated in Beglik Tash. The most famous ones are the “Marriage Bed”(rock in the form of a bed), the “Throne” (rock that is carved as a king’s throne”, “The Chopped Stone” and the “Apostol Tash”(giant rock in the shape of inverted heart in which people can take amazing photos).
There is no scientific explanation of how the rocks had occupied these weird positions. It seems impossible that the ancient Thracians could move these huge rocks, especially after counting the fact that they did not have technology or machines that can actually lift rocks that are weigth of 150 tons. No one can tell us what is the actual truth and this is why the place is so mysterious.

Just after the rocks of Beglik Tash, toursit can go to the “virgin” and uninhabited beach of St. Paraskeva. The view that you can see while being at St. Paraskeva Bay is more than spectacular. Everyone who had been on a vacation on the Bulgarian Black Sea knows that there only few beaches that are not full occupied by clubs and hotels. This is why beaches like this one are really interesting for everyone who loves to relax around the sea shore. There is a similar and more popular place than Beglik Tash, called Belintash. The two places are located in completely different regions. If you ever go to the Bulgarian shore of Black Sea you should take a half day and visit Beglik Tash. Who knows what kind of mysterious stuff you may see during your visit.

How to get there

Leaving Primorsko go to the Pearl Road. After going around the Pearl Residence you will see the signs that lead to Beglik Tash