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Belfast Cathedral

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A century old testimony of the faith of Northern Ireland

Donegall Street, Belfast BT12 2HB
If you have time at hand, attend any concert in the evening probably an Opera or a normal service. The Cathedral lights up beautifully and creates a great atmosphere for some peaceful moments.
There is an entry charge of 5£ per person. Regular prayer service is free of charge.

Belfast is a city of churches with every street winding up with quite a mammoth pristine structure. However, the most notable one to stop by is the St Annes Cathedral also known as Belfast Cathedral.


Built in Romanesque style, the first foundation was laid in 1899. The new Cathedral that we see today was built in 1904. The inside of the Cathedral is adorned with large beautiful stained glass windows, mosaics of Italian glass, handcrafted tapestry, large decorated pillars, Baptistery and various exhibits dedicated to the Army and struggles of the nation.


There are two most interesting rather intriguing features of the Cathedral; One is Ireland’s largest celtic Cross on the exterior of the Cathedral. Second would be the a stainless steel ‘Spire of Hope about  40 m from the ground, ’which was added to the roof of the structure in 2007, a shining landmark dominating the Belfast skyline.

Opening hours

Monday - Saturday: 8:00 - 18:00
Sunday: 8:00 - 16:00

How to get there

Donegall Street is in the heart of Belfast and a walk through the city will take you there. Follow sign boards for St Anne’s Cathedral and its easy to reach by a walk.

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Belfast Cathedral