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Belgrade, Serbia

Photo credit: serzhile / Foter / CC BY-ND
Belgrade, Serbia
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The Party Capital of Eastern Europe


Outspoken, adventurous, and well-reputed for one main thing: amazing night life – Belgrade.


Capital city of Serbia, place where the Sava River meets the Danube, a place of the magnificent Kalemegdan, of excellent local hospitality, and most importantly for men – gorgeous Serbian girls.


So let’s dive in the places which you can visit if you want to party like all other people that talked about it…


Day Time 

After all, we can’t wait only for night to have a great time and party in this city.


Belgrade has so many beautiful and interestig things to offer during daytime, so we can only be as prepared as we would be for the night.


You can either choose to walk through the one of the most known Serbian fortress and parks – Kalemgdanand enjoy all the mysterious feelings and sights that can show you about our fight with Ottoman Empire and end your visit with the breathtaking view from the Winner Statue that is located on the highest place in the fortress, above the Sava and Danube confluence. Take a relaxing walk alongside the Danube and enjoy the view, or decide for Sava River and visit biggest local beach named Ada Ciganlija where thousands of people enjoy spending this hot summer time swimming and relaxing.


And these are only few examples where we can go by day for good quality time.


Getting Ready for the Night / Shopping / Coffee/ Food

Belgrade Street and the pedestrian zone of Knez Mihajlova is a tourist attraction, with lots of old-fashioned buildings, shopping stores and many coffee shops and pubs.


It is meant to be a great place for coffee, food and shopping in the boutiques of renowned fashion brands, or a late night drink with friends.


This street spreads 1km long and connects main Belgrade square Terazije with Kalemegdan fortress that we mentioned earlier.
It is common, like in other great cities, to see street artists, singers, dancers, street mimes and other attractions…


The Night Is Young – Let’s Start with the Tradition

Well, if you did not know, Serbia and its cities are very closely related to food, drinks and good music – as many people say – we are 100% real gourmets.

Every man, woman, celebrity or not, who for some reason was in Belgrade (business or pleasure) spread the word of great food, local drink and the right skills to make fun and party.


There are places, not very like the standard places for parties and live gigs such as clubs, but a little more intimate and traditional.


Belgrade’s most known place for coming out and have fun in an intimate manner is Skadarlija


Skadarlija is Belgrade’s bohemian quarter, built long ago and it managed to maintain the characteristic Turkish style with a stone road which features dim lighting all the way.


Here you can find taverns and pubs everywhere – literally overcrowded with people, food, drinks and live bands playing old Serbian songs until the early morning hours.


Definitely the part of the city that you don’t want to miss if you want to see that kind of culture!


By the River

With prestige partying until the dawn, and maybe because of the river, Belgrade is definitely known for its rafts.


Celebrities, actors, politicians, singers and many others are common to see almost every night here and it is main attraction for strangers and tourists to come here and see why.


Truth is that prices here are a little higher, but generally Belgrade is not an expensive city to party in – especially for tourists who find this really surprising.


There are various rafts with different music genres to hear from live bands and deejays, but all of them have a few things in common – a great view and a party atmosphere.


Clubbing Life – Electronic Music City

Due to everything written before, Belgrade is a city oriented towards musical culture –these are the words of many of the world’s best artists who came here to play “Belgrade’s crowd definitely knows who we are and what we are doing, and they are very knowledgeable – so it is very pleasing”


Belgrade and its citizens are very open to electronic music and its genres and subgenres.


Generally, Belgrade hosted very significant activities related to music since 1980 to present day, with genres varying from rock, punk, pop, rap, hip hop, electronic…


There are plenty of clubs in Belgrade where you enjoy spending time while partying, but one thing is for sure – the amount of world’s known artists and bands that are visiting this city to perform and play is increasing, so you can’t be wrong about coming here and being part of that scene and show.


Festivals and Shows

Recently Belgrade started two new activities on its famous fortress Kalemegdan.


Music festival by the name of Kalemgdan Summer Festival was the first of this kind in Belgrade, and it will last all summer long, with every weekend hosting a super famous electronic music icon to perform such as: Jeremy Olander, Paul Van Dyk, Sharam, Deep Dish…


Another manifestation is the Belgrade’s Manifest where the main attraction, besides the great selection of different artists and bands that performed live, is the food cooked and served by known Belgrade’s chiefs and the hot air balloons in which people can for the very first time experience that kind of flying.


Judging by the reviews and attendance reports, both festivals were very visited and fulfilled the expectations.


So there is it – Belgrade, the Serbian capital at its very best – come and experience all of this, and then you will see that all the stories of never-ending parties and nightlife activities are true, and, what is even better, very affordable for almost everyone’s pocket.


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