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Belogradchik Rocks

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An impressive rock complex surrounded by a fortress

Belogradchik is an impressive rock complex in the Western Forebalkan. These rocks were created by nature more than 200 million years ago.


The rock complex extends for approximately 30 km in length and 3 to 5 km in width. Some of the rocks reach a maximum height of around 200 meters. Many of them have interesting shapes which give them names like The Bear, The Lion, The Horseman, Adam and Eva, The Castle and others.


The legend about the formation of the rocks talks about a young nun called Vitiniya who fell in love with a Roman man, called Antonio. The two of them tried to hide their forbidden love but it became impossible when the nun gave birth. The monks decided to banish her and her child. At this time, Antonio appeared, begging them to leave her alone. Suddenly, a frightful storm started, a thunder fell and turned everything into stone. These are the Belogradchik rocks – the Madonna with the baby, the Horseman, the Monks and others.


The rocks are surrounded by the Belogradchik fortress which is also impressive. The fortress was built during the times of the Roman rule over this territory. Its main purpose was to control the road from the Roman city Ratiaria. When the Bulgarian country was created in the 7th century, the fortress happened to be in its territory.


In the centuries of the Ottoman rule here, the fortress was used for the defense of the empire and a garrison was placed here. This is the place where in 1850, the leaders of the Belogradchik rebellion were beheaded and a monument in their memory was placed at the site.


The last time when the fortress was used for military purposes was during the Serbian-Bulgarian war in 1885. Since 1965, it has been pronounced as an architectural monument.


The fortress has three separate yards and one fortification. From the highest point of the Belogradchik fortress, you will have a beautiful view of the rocks and the marvelous mountain. This is also the perfect place for photos because of the fascinating background.


The best time to visit the Belogradchik rocks is when the weather is warm and dry. Spring, summer and autumn are all suitable seasons but it is a good idea to check the weather forecast and choose the best day. If it rains, the rocks become slippery and if it is hot, you are going to feel like you are in a stone oven. It is a good idea to have with you a sun hat, sunglasses and a sun cream, if you choose a hot day. Having a raincoat in your bag will save you trouble if it starts raining.

Opening hours

9:00 - 18:00

How to get there

The road to the rocks is visible from the city of Belogradchik, which is 46 km away from the city of Vidin and 170 km from the Bulgarian capital - Sofia.

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Belogradchik Rocks