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Benečanka House

Photo credit: leonyaakov via / CC BY
Benečanka House
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Perfect example of Piran’s Venetian past

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6330 Piran - Pirano

“Benečanka” or better said the “Venetian House” is number one example of old Venetian architecture and its style, still visible across the town of Piran. 15th-century building is Piran’s landmark and holds and interesting story to it.


Benečanka house is the most beautiful and the oldest still preserved house on Tartini square. It is from the 15th century, and in Venetian Gothic architecture. The first known owner was Del Bello family, but the house did not become famous because of them.

Instead, Benečanka house is now famous for the added monument shaped as a lion, holding a sign with the inscription: “Lasa pur dir.” or “Let them speak”. This sign has an interesting story behind it, as a love story was once happening right behind the doors of this elegant house. The story has it, the young beautiful girl from Piran fell in love with wealthy, married Venetian merchant. As their love was not approved by other people, the people of Piran often talk about the girl and spread rumors about their love. The girl was always complaining to her lover about the rumors. As the merchant was getting tired of her complaining, he created a lion sign with the inscription, to remind her that the only important thing is their love.


The house is available for a visit and holds a display of the ancient times of 15th century and the way of living at that time. If you are lucky you can encounter on a medieval festival that holds a place in Benečanka house.

Opening hours

Summer months:
Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 – 13:00.

How to get there

Benečanka house is located on a Tartini square, so you will not be able to miss it.