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Bijele and Samarske stijene

"Bijele i samarske stijene3" by Croq - Vlastito djelo postavljača. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.
Bijele and Samarske stijene
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  • 1-2 km
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  • 2 hours
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Many bizarre limestone rocks

Bijele I Samarske Stijene Croatia
Bijele and Samarske stijene (White and Samar Rocks) are strict nature reserve and are located in the central part of mountain Velika Kapela. Reserve was declared in 1985. It has an area of 1175 ha. The relief includes many bizarre limestone rocks. There are growing forests of fir, spruce and beech. The highest peak of Samar Rock is 1335 m high and west of it is White Rocks with the highest peak of 1302 m. In the reserve are the most varied phenomena of karst nature. From flora that are found many rare flowers. In the preserved nature live bears, weasels, dormice and martens.

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How to get there

Highway Zagreb- Rijeka, exit Ogulin and continue by local road to Jasenak and 5 kilometres more in direction Novi Vinodolski