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Bioluminescent Bays

Photo credit: msauder / Foter / CC BY-SA
Bioluminescent Bays
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Bioluminescent bays

Laguna Grande in Fajardo: 987 Carr Cabezas, Fajardo, PR 00738, Puerto Rico

La Parguera, Lajas: Avenida Angel Luis - La Parguera, 00667 Lajas, Puerto Rico

Mosquito Bay in Vieques: Puerto Real, Vieques, Puerto Rico

There are phenomenons that are rare in the world and this is one of them. Bioluminescent Bays are given their name because they are inhabited by billions of microorganisms that naturally light up to the touch. It is an absolutely sublime experience that Puerto Rico has the privilege to offer.


Puerto Rico has three Bioluminescent Bays: La Parguera in Lajas, Laguna Grande in Fajardo and Mosquito Bay in Vieques (an island off the coast of Puerto Rico which is just a short ferry ride away).


In Lajas, there are a lot of tour vendors that offer small boat rides or rides on boats with glass bottoms to see the water streak in gleaming lights as you go over it and some tours even stop at some points were the tourists can jump into a mangrove bay and swim. The bays in Fajardo and Vieques offer kayaking across the water and through mangroves for up to two hours. In comparison, the bay in Lajas isn’t as luminescent as the ones in Vieques and Fajardo, due to the frailty of its ecosystem.

Opening hours

Every day from 19:00 until midnight