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Blue Cave

Blue Cave
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  • 2 hours

The cave illuminated with blue light

Modra špilja 21485, Biševo Croatia
There are restaurants on the nearby island of Vis with local cuisine and Italian with fish

Blue Cave is a cave on the eastern side of the island Bisevo. The cave is first described by French poet Ransonet, and located in the cove of Balun on the eastern side of the island Bisevo. It’s available to the public since 1884, when it was breached the outer entrance, through which is possible to enter the cave by a small rowboat.
The second opening is arched and is much wider on the south side of the cave below sea level, and through it penetrates sunlight. Due to the Blue Cave, the island has tourist value. Around at noon, the sea is calm and sun’s rays penetrate through the underwater entrance to the Blue Cave, reflect from the white bottom and illuminate the cave with blue and objects in the water with silver. Because of the small depth of underwater caves and cracks, it’s suitable for scuba divers of all categories as it is only 3 – 20m deep. Cave geomorphologic is very interesting and is a typical karst form.

Opening hours

During daylight, every day except winter