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Bogenšperk Castle

Photo credit: Miran Hladnik
Bogenšperk Castle
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Once the home of Johann Weichard Valvasor

Bogenšperk 5
1275 Šmartno pri Litiji
Adults: 4.50 EUR
Children: 3.50 EUR
Seniors: 4.00 EUR

Bogenšperk Castle is a great one-day trip for the whole family. The museum, located in the castle holds a lot of interesting objects dedicated to Slovenian history. The most interesting feature is definitely the room dedicated to witchcraft, which is especially popular during Halloween.


It was built in a Renaissance style and is located on a hill around 412 meters high – among woods overlooking the vineyards and beautiful scenery.


It is one of the most important cultural monuments of Slovenian history. The present style of the castle originated after the year 1511 when an earthquake damaged the medieval fortress that stood here.


Bogenšperk Castle’s most famous owner was polyhistor and researcher Johann Weichard Valvasor (Slovene: Janez Vajkard Valvasor), an important figure in Slovenian history and the only member of the British Royal Society from the country ever since. Today, the castle offers a unique insight into the significant works of this amazing man.


Museum in the Bogenšperk Castle


The museum is divided into eight parts, each dedicated to one unique collection. Be sure to check out all the rooms in the castle, as each of them has something great in store for you.


Valvasor’s Working Room is a reconstruction of the working room in which Valvasor wrote his most famous works, which are also exhibited here.


The workshop is dedicated to the old printing techniques and paper-making with replicas of a printing press used at the end of the dark ages. Groups and individuals can arrange a demonstration of the printing and even try to print their own image of the castle.


Superstition exhibit is dedicated to witch-hunts, common superstitions in weddings, public herbal medicine, and casting spells. Some of the original books with ancient spells are displayed in this collection.


National Costumes Collection offers unique insights into the dressing culture of Slovenian ancestors. Visitors can admire the national costumes from different parts of Slovenia.


The Hidden History of the Castle Walls is dedicated to the history of Castle Bogenšperk – the most important events in its rich history and the famous resident Johann Weichard Valvasor.


Valvasor’s study of nature includes descriptions of caves, rocks, natural objects, trees, animals, plants and much more from the 17th century.


Slovenian Geodetic Collection is a central museum geodesy exhibition from the Slovenian territory. The collection is connected with a gravimetric point from the former castle tomb, which serves as a point for measuring earthquakes in central Slovenia.


Scenes of Human Death is a display of graphics which recreate the texts from Johann Weichard Valvasor’s books.

Opening hours

March – November:
Saturday, Sunday: 10:00 – 17:00
Monday – Friday: closed

December, January, February: closed

How to get there

You can reach Castle Bogenšperk by short drive from Ljubljana to Litija. Follow signs for Šmartno pri Litiji.