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Bojcin Forest

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A swamp forest with lush flora and an art colony inside

Vlade Obradovica - Kamenog 41, 11280 Progar
Within the forest there is a restaurant "Bojcinska koleba".

Bojcin Forest is a swampy forests located between the villages of Progar, Boljevci and Asanja, in the municipality of Surcin. The forest is located in the plain region of southeastern Srem, 30 kilometers away from the city of Belgrade. The forest serves mainly as an excursion place for people from vicinity areas.


The Bojcin forest covers an area of 629.51 hectares and its territory is dominated by oak trees, hornbeams, wild roses and lime trees.  It is home to a total of 185 recorded plant species, 165 species of fung, including endangered ones. During the springtime, strawberries abound in the forest.

In 2010, a theatre was built to use during the summer for special events. There is also an art colony in the forest which consists of six wooden houses.

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