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Boka Waterfall

Photo credit: PHOTOGRAPHRdotNET / Source / CC BY-ND
Boka Waterfall
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Majestic waterfall as the highest in Slovenia

Log čez Soški
5224 Srpenica

Boka Waterfall may not be the highest waterfall, but it is definitely one of the most astonishing in Europe. With 144 meters of high and 18 meters of width, this waterfall is actually a two-part waterfall.

The most interesting feature of the Boka Waterfall is the unusual big difference of the water flow – at winter time, waterfalls have just about 2m3/s water and in summer this can rise up to more than 100m3/s. Average water temperature is around 5°C.

Boka Waterfall can be seen from three ways. From the vantage platform (the best view, but a bit dangerous and challenging, especially for kids), from the river bed (only at times when the flow is low and only for the more skilled ones) and from the source of water (gather some prior information as landslides are quite common and this road can become very dangerous or impassable).

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How to get there

Accessing Boka waterfall is not really difficult, it lies just around 3km from Bovec and can be accessed within 40 minutes from the parking slot at Žaga, just next to the bridge that is situated over the Boka river torrent. There are three different direction to access the Boka waterfall if following the well build marked path to reach the viewpoint of the waterfall. The path is equipped with signs so there is no way to get lost on the way. There are two other paths leading to the waterfall. You can go upstream and follow the river or go through a difficult terrain and reach the waterfall spring (not advisable).