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Botanic Garden in Balchik

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A beautiful botanic garden with more than 3500 plant species

Imagine a lot of flowers and a beautiful view to the seaside. This is the botanic garden in Balchik and this place really has a lot of charm, especially in the warm months where most of the flowers bloom and decorate the place with so many beautiful colors.


The northern seaside of Bulgaria is gorgeous and from the Botanic garden you have direct access to the water. So, if you decide, you can add some swimming to your walk in the garden. This could be quite refreshing in the hot days here. I visited the garden in a day when the temperature was around 30 degrees Celsius and the cool sea waters were quite tempting for me. So, if you plan to go to the garden in summer, it is a good idea to wear a swimming suit and have some break from looking at plants.


The collection of the botanic garden here includes more than 3500 plant species in separated sections. Next to each plant you will find a small plate saying the name of this species. It is quite interesting because you usually see a lot of plants around you but you do not know the names of all of them. Also, you will see unique and intriguing species here and it will be interesting for you to learn their names. In the Botanic garden you can see exotic species such as the candy tree, the rubber tree, the stone oak and others.


There are a lot of seasonal plant collections which you can see in the different seasons of the year. There is also a permanent collection of cactus species and succulents. You will find here various cactus species – from small and beautiful to enormous and impressive. My favourite cactus species is the one called ‘golden barrel’. It really looks like a small barrel and have numerous small yellow thorns.


In the hot summer days in this cactus and succulent enclosure you will find salvation from the heat while looking at really intriguing plants. There are also benches here with a view to the sea and you can have some rest while enjoying the view.


Everything in the garden is beautifully designed and the plants are presented in different thematic sections. You can see here spring and summer plants, rare and endangered species, cactuses, evergreen species and others. The Botanic garden here has an important role for research and scientific activities, preservation of the biological diversity, educational activities connected with ecology, and others. Along with the garden, here is functioning a Balkan Ecological center.


The Botanic garden is a property of the Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’ and as a university center student educational activities take place here. There are two more botanic gardens owned by this university and they are in Sofia and Varna.


This place is very interesting for people from all ages. You can take your kids here to show them how amazing nature is. My first visit to a botanic garden was at the age of 10 and I still have a bright memory of it. So, you can combine a nice walk and a beautiful view to the sea with the educational function of this place.


Together with the garden you can see the architectural-park complex ‘The palace’ with the palace of the Romanian queen Maria. This complex is a property of the Ministry of Culture, not the Sofia University, so you will have to buy another ticket for it. Actually, you will have to show this ticket only if you enter the hall with an exposition of treasures, found of the archeologists in the different parts of the country. Otherwise, you can see the park of the complex without paying an additional fee. There are no fences between the Botanic garden and ‘The Palace’ complex and you will not really feel that you have left the garden and entered the archeological complex. The scenery has the same beauty; the only difference is that you will see the buildings of the palace and some information boards, telling about the history of the palace.


While having a pleasant walk, you can also make a free degustation of wines from this region. These are unique wines which you cannot buy from the shops, but only here. A bottle of such a wine will be a perfect souvenir or a gift for a friend or a relative. You can make a degustation of many wines. So you can actually get a little drunk for free and this is a kind of attraction for many people. You will probably stop paying attention on the taste of the wine after trying a few wines, but who cares? It is still fun and it is for free.


Opening hours

In spring: 8:00 - 20:00
In winter: 08:30 - 17:30

How to get there

You need to ride to Balchik - a city in Dobrich district, and follow the directional signs to the garden.

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  • Botanic Garden in Balchik
Botanic Garden in Balchik