Bukit Keluang Beach

Bukit Keluang Beach ,Malaysia Length in KM Effort Cost Written by: nikro

Summary: Climbing Keluang mountain and Swim at Keluang Beach

More info: 'Keluang' mean bat and that is where the name come from. You should come to now more about unique history inside. Bukit Keluang beach is the most visited picnic area at the state. There is walkway to the Keluang Mountain from keluang beach that make it suitable for all to visit. The mountain is not the tallest but enough to make visitors sweat and stop two or three times. With great view at the top of mountain, clean beach, 4 star beach resort, beautiful picnic area, it is more than worth to come.

Address: Pantai Bukit Keluang Terengganu Malaysia

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