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Bukovicka Banja

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Bukovicka Banja
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Popular spa with the largest park in Serbia

Misarska bb, 34300 Arandjelovac

Bukovicka Banja is located nearby the town of Arandjelovac, 76 km away from Belgrade. The Spa is located in the foot of the mountain Bukulja with 270m of altitude. It has a great park with a large number of plants and it represents one of the largest parks in Serbia. The park is enriched with fountains, flower gardens, sculptures etc.
The mineral water of Bukovicka banja is known under the name “Knjaz Milos”, since here exists factory for producing bottled water under the same name. The bottled water Knjaz Milos won the highest international awards for quality and it can be bought in every shop in Serbia.
There are five springs of mineral water, four with cold and one with thermal water. The last is used in a treatment of various stomach disorders, kidney diseases, cardiovascular and rheumatic disorders etc.
Within the spa complex there are several objects for accommodation. If you want to enjoy in a luxurious hotel, then, newly built hotel Izvor, nearby the spa is the right choice.

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How to get there

By Highway Belgrade-Nis, exit Mladenovac and by road to Mladenovac-Arandjelovac-Bukovicka Banja