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Bukovnica Lake

Bukovnica Lake
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Stunning lake with a relaxing park and healing energy

Bukovniško jezero
9223 Dobrovnik
Take some extra time in the Energy Spot Park and try to feel the healing energy.

Bukovnica Lake is one of many beautiful lakes in Prekmurje. The lake is located in the amazing nature of Natural Park Goričko and clears the blue sky, green nature and restful atmosphere give it a unique charm. A Quiet forest path is arranged around the lake, and you will find many remote romantic hideaways close to the lake.

It is not just the water of the lake that will fill you up with energy. Special healing and reenergising energies have been found close to the Bukovnica Lake and an Energy Park is now arranged around the Spring and Chapel of St. Vid. Even the kids will not be bored here. A small Adrenaline Park is located very close to the lake.


Bukovnica Lake

This human-made lake is one of the most interesting places for nature lovers. Various flora and numerous animal species can be observed here. Try to make yourself invisible and wait for the birds, bats, and frogs to come out of their hideouts.

But do not forget to take a closer look at the flowers beside you as it might just be one of many endogenous plants that are growing here.

Bukovnica Lake is not very deep, just about 2 meters on average, with some deeper points about 5 meters deep. Some fish species have been brought to the lake and fishing is popular among local men.

Fishing passes can be brought at the entrance into the Nature Park Goričko, at the parking lot near the lake, and two picnic places with grills are arranged at the lake shore.


Visiting Bukovnica Lake is a great start into the exploration of Nature Park Goričko. As mentioned, you will find a big parking lot near the lake and a tourist information center with information about the nature park, a bar, and a souvenir shop are also located here. You should leave your car here and continue towards the lake on foot.

You will see a nice forest path leading towards the Bukovnica Lake and if you decide to wander off the route you will find numerous interesting and healing energy spots located in the area. Energy Spot Park is arranged around the St. Vid Spring and St. Vid Chapel in the forest close to Bukovnica Lake.


Energy Spot Park

Energy spots are places that have a positive effect on people, with their energy content. Those energies do not depend on what somebody believes or feels. People usually describe this energy as special vibrations that spread across their body when they are standing on the energy spot.

More than 50 energy spots have been found in the area around Bukovnica Lake and 26 of them have been marked. The Tourist Information Centre offers diverse books and brochures about the healing energy and most of the energy spots have added instructions and information about them.

Chapel of St. Vid

If you continue on the way through the Energy Spot Park, you will see the Chapel of St. Vid. It is not known who, when and why built the first chapel on this place, but there is some evidence about a wooden chapel that stood here during the World War II.

Legend has it that St. Vid Chapel was badly damaged during the war but it was never demolished. One night, a battle took place not far from the chapel.

One soldier was badly hurt and he managed to crawl from the battle to the chapel. He wanted to hide here and wait for death, as he had known there is no way he could survive the cold night. He was very surprised to wake up in the morning, sitting at the chapel, with hardly any pain.

When the war was over, the soldier returned to the chapel and made sure it was rebuilt into a stronger chapel which still stands today.


St. Vid Spring

Just a few meters from the Chapel of St. Vid, a magical spring awaits its visitors. Water from the spring has healing powers and it is especially good for eyesight, hearing, metabolism, skin and nerves. The spring is connected to hundreds of stories about magically healed people that came here to drink the cold water from the spring or to bathe in it.


The forest route will now take you through amazing nature to the Bukovnica Lake.


Adrenaline Park Bukovnica Lake

Younger visitors will be happy to see some fun activities for them as well. The Adrenaline Park, with numerous interesting attractions for kids and grownups, is located close to the Bukovnica Lake. It offers five arranged adrenaline routes with up to eight meters high attractions.


You can get some additional information about the Adrenaline Park Bukovniško jezero at the official website. The park is open on most days in the summer months but prior arrangements are necessary for larger groups.

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How to get there

Take the highway from Maribor to Lendava. Exit at Gančani and continue towards Moravske Toplice. Drive towards Bogojina and turn right towards Bukovnica Lake. A huge parking lot is located very close to the lake.

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