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Significant tourist mountain center

Bukulja Mountain, Arandjelovac
Restaurants Lovacki Dom, Kacara and Kod Coke

Bukulja is a mountain in Sumadija region, in the vicinity of the town Arandjelovac and Bukovicka Banja. Its highest peak is 696 meters.
The name of the mountain comes after the word Bukulja – diminutive of a Slavic word for beech tree.
The mountain is of volcanic origin, which is evidenced by the presence of granite rocks that contain a specific combination of minerals. The surface of the mountain is covered with beech, hornbeam and oak trees.
For hiking lovers, there are marked hiking trails which lead from the park Bukovicka Banja up the mountain. At the top there is a lookout tower of 19 m height, from where can be seen a large area of Sumadija region.

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How to get there

By Highway Belgrade-Nis, exit Mali Pozarevac and by road to Mladenovac-Arandjelovac