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Burj Al Arab

Photo credit: Joi / Foter / CC BY
Burj Al Arab
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A luxurious island hotel in Dubai.

PO Box 74147, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Al Iwan, Al Mahara, Al Muntaha, Bab Al Yam

If you have a lot of money to splurge and you are visiting Dubai, this is the place to be. Built on its own island at a distance of 280 metres from the Jumeirah beach, The Burj Al Arab is connected to the mainland by an exclusive bridge. It is believed to be world’s only 7-star hotel. Well, one can imagine the level of sophistication the hotel carries.


The hotel’s sail-shaped architectural design will leave you spellbound. With a whopping height of 321 meters above sea level, it is the ‘tallest all-suite hotel in the world’. It offers the facility of arriving and departing the hotel in a helicopter from the helipad situated at 212 metres above sea level. A magnificent view of the area can be seen from the helipad. The helipad has also witnessed various events from celebrities.


There is a spectacular display of water and fire at the entrance of the hotel. The interiors are par excellence and are sure to leave you awestruck. The iconic hotel looks like a palace and will give you a stupendous feeling. There are 202 suites in this palatial hotel which are luxurious and beautifully furnished. The rooms are divided into various categories and each category has its own detailing. All the suites are equipped with royal facilities. If you are in search of receiving the finest service in Dubai, the Burj Al Arab is the right place for you. This palatial hotel provides every amenity one can think of. It would not be wrong to say that even the washrooms in this hotel have a royal touch.


A grand service is offered by the highly dedicated staff of the hotel. Every single guest is personally looked after by personnel. Every floor has a reception to serve the guests and ensure that they are comfortable. The Burj Al Arab is known for its iconic service. You will never find a match to its level of excellence.


Private dining facility is available at the hotel and guests can get a special dinner arranged for their partner by getting in touch with the chefs. There are 9 esteemed restaurants and bars which offer far more than just food. With delectable cuisines and lingering taste, the food is sure to please your heart.


A lot of other facilities are available which include swimming pool, banquet halls, spa, health club, library and a private beach, each having its own charm. As an added compensation, guests staying at the hotel are given unlimited access to the Wild Wadi Water Park.


This impressive hotel is a must visit while travelling to Dubai. Even if you cannot afford to stay in the hotel, it deserves a visit and you will be amazed at the pomp and grandeur which the hotel has.

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