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Bustarfell Museum

Photo credit: Pietro Valocchi / Foter / CC BY-SA
Bustarfell Museum
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Explore the history of Icelandic lifestyle in nearly authentic environment

Admission fees:
Adults: 900 kr
Children 9-12 years: 200 kr
Children under 12 years: Free
Groups: 700 kr

As a person with great passion for learning about history of every place I go, visiting local museums is a must. If you have acquainted yourself a bit with information on museums in Reykjavik (you can check out my day-tour in Reykjavik’s best museums), you probably think that it is quite enough for one person to comprehend and discover moreover since museums in Reykjavik surely are well-equipped and established plus made very interactive.  However, do not underestimate local museums that can be found scattered all around towns and villages in Iceland. While visiting East of Iceland I found out about Bustarfell museum (in Vopnafjörður) which to my surprise was actually saturated with lots of great information and interesting exhibits despite its simplicity.


The relics were given to the museum by Elín Methúsalemsdóttir in 1982; however the buildings where the museum was established, were sold in 1943 by Methúsalem Methúsalemsson and dedicated to Icelandic Nation. Since then Icelandic National Museum is taking care of preserving both the buildings and its relics. The buildings are typical Icelandic mud and wood floor houses consisting of several rooms: living room, front hall, shed, storehouse, master chambers, kitchen and a few more. The exhibitions are made in a way so that the visitors could expand their understanding on how modernization changed the ways of managing a household and leading lifestyle in countryside in general. The house is full with gorgeous evidences of the past: old treasures, tools, vintage photographs, furnishing, antiques etc.


To me visit in Bustarfell museum was necessary to better understand both old Icelandic lifestyles and to learn more of how the shift from simple nevertheless well-functioning methods and tools was made towards more complex and modern ways as Iceland transformed from a simple country of fishermen and farmers to become this exciting, rich country with high living standards.

Opening hours

Open 10:00 – 17:00 from 10th of June – 10th of September. By request at other times

How to get there

Bustarfell Museum is located in North East of Iceland, in the valley of Hofsárdalur, around 20 km from the village Tangi. There are several ways how to reach Eastern Iceland. The common one is simply by going by rented or private car and you can of course chose which way to go - northern or southern. It is also possible to reach Eastern region by taking a plane from Reykjavik to Egilsstaðir and then further travel by public transport or using car hire services.