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Buža Beach

Buža Beach
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A true paradise for tourists eager for adventure and adrenaline

Turistička zajednica grada Dubrovnika Brsalje ul. 5, 20000, Dubrovnik Croatia

Buža beach is one of the most attractive beaches in Dubrovnik. It is located under the southern Walls of Dubrovnik’s historic core and the only access towards the beach is through the “beach hatch” called Buža (in Croatian).


The beach is not a sand one, the beach is rocky with paved terraces. Those who love to lie around on the sun, should avoid this beach as the beach is more ideal for people who love to take swims in the deep sea,and to enjoy a view of the ancient city. The sea is crystal clear and you can see the island of Lokrum from the beach.


This beach is ideal for young couples eager for romance and adventures. Buža is not suitable for families with little kids, elderly and people with physical difficulties because of its unsuitable entrance and a number of steep steps.


The beach does not offer any shade. It is not unusual for a number of unexperienced tourists to end up fatally after jumping beneath the cliffs into the clear blue sea. The beach is very interesting, but you have to be prepared. It is a beach that offers many challenges and visitor can jump from high cliffs into the sea. It is a true paradise for tourists eager for adventure and adrenaline.


How to get there

Follow th highway to Split, then proceed to Dubrovnik by Adriatic highway which follows the Adriatic coastal line and where you will enjoy the view.

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  • Buža Beach
Buža Beach