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The pilgrimage destination for all the cultures in Peru

Cahuachi, Nazca, Peru
Visit the Nazca burial grounds nearby while you're here!

Cahuachi was a mayor ceremonial center for the Nazca people that thrived between the year 1 to 500 AD in Nazca, very close to the famous lines. The name of the center can be translated into “the place where vidents live”.


Cahuachi is composed of thirty four adobe pyramids, the biggest one being La Gran Pirámide (The Great Temple). However, it is much more than just some nice-to-look-at adobe structures. Many cultures from all around Peru and beyond made a pilgrimage to Cahuachi. People from the Amazon Rainforest, the Andes, the coast of Peru and more came here; this can be proven by several artifacts than have been found on the site as well as the Nazca Lines that depict massive geoglyphs on the desert of a monkey, an orca whale, a dog, a hummingbird and many more animals that the Nazca people could have never known about due to the arid location they lived in.


The Italian archeologist, Giuseppe Orefeci has been investigating and excavating the site for over twenty years and has made many discoveries such as pottery, textiles and clothes. All of his findings can be seen at the Antonini Archeological Museum in the city of Nazca.


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No buses go here, so you must either book a ride through your hotel/hostel or hire a taxi