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Čakovec Castle

Photo credit: Sitomon via / CC BY-SA
Čakovec Castle

A huge part of Croatian history right in front of your eyes. Amazing!

Ul. Perivoj Zrinskih 7, 40000, Čakovec, Croatia

This particular castle is also known as the Zrinski castle. You can find it in the heart of the lovely town of Čakovec. It’s surrounded by a beautiful park which goes by the name of Zrinski park. It also bears the title of the biggest fortification in Međimurje county as well as the title of Protected Cultural Good of Croatia.


It was built back in the 13th century and the castle itself is really fascinating. Čakovec castle had many owners throughout the years. The Lacković, Ernušt and Feštetić families are only some of the owners, which tells that the estate had a rich and interesting history.


The Museum of Međimurje is also located within the castle walls. If you feel like checking it out and learning something, feel free to do so! You can enjoy their permanent setup, it’s really interesting and educational, and it’s also pretty cheap! For grownups it’s 20 kn/person, for children it’s 12kn/person.


You can hardy go wrong with deciding to visit this castle. It’s well preserved and beautiful, and it’s in the centre of one of the most well known towns of Croatia.


Visitation is possible every day, except on public holidays.