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Cala Mondragó

Photo credit: Random_fotos / Foter / CC BY-SA
Cala Mondragó
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Virgin beaches and a beautiful nature park

Cala Mondrago, Islas Baleares, Spain
Walk from the bay n’Alis towards the left along the cliff line. You will make out a small path which leads you to an old defence tower. From here you will also enjoy a beautiful view over Cala Mondragó.

At the east coast between Portopedro and Cala Figuera lies the 677 hectare nature park with its beach bays, called ‘Parc natural de Mondragó’. It is not an insider tip anymore, but the park could preserve its unspoiled and original nature. Declared natural park in 1992 and bird sanctuary in 1995, the area attracts beachgoers, bird watchers, nature lovers and hikers alike. However, most tourist are attracted by the sand bays ses Fonts de n’Alis and s’Amarador, two beautiful bays: white and fine sand dunes, green pine trees, turquoise and crystalline water and a small rocky path connecting the two bays, make the place look like paradise.


The beaches, the pine forest, the sand dunes, the lagoons and the wetlands could be preserved thanks to the declaration as a natural habitat. Thus, the area could escape the construction boom of huge hotels and many small fincas of the middle and upper class. Nowadays, Cala Mondragó counts for one of the most beautiful beaches on Mallorca. Fine sand, shallow water and covered dunes are only one of the reasons for its beauty. Moreover, the beach could preserve its natural and rustic charm and is the total opposite to the crowded party beaches or the luxury tourism on Mallorca.


You will feel like in an oasis of peace and tranquility. juniper, lavender and rosemary give a sweet smell to the place, bees are humming around, a goat my cross your way and crickets gives their concerts during the evenings. Fine sand beaches and green hills covered over with pines dominate the landscape. The romantic bay is the perfect place for dreamers who are in search for a relaxed day at the beach. Furthermore, you are surrounded by an impressive flora and fauna, a place loved by ornithologists. Different hiking trail lead through the nature park. You will find signs and even maps are provided at the information office near n’Alis beach.


You will not find fancy beach clubs or luxury hotels at Cala Mondragó. N’Alis is better developped and accessible, counting three restaurants and two small hotels. The bigger beach is s’Amarador, where you will only find a small snack bar offering cool drinks and some small snacks. Cala Mondragó is a small paradise on Mallorca, but do not forget that you are in a nature protected area. This means no camping, no motorbikes, no litter on the beach, no dogs, no barbecue and no noise in respect to nature and the animals.

How to get there

The best is to go there with your own car. Follow the road signs from Santanyí or from s'Alqueria Blanca