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Cala Pi

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A sheltered bay with a picturesque beach

Cala Pi, Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain
The village Cala Pi has restaurants and cafés. At the beach you will find a small kiosk.

Mallorca’s southern coast is home to the small bay called Cala Pi. Even though located close to Llucmajor and S’Arenal, it is a quiet beach far from mass tourism. The bay is configured by a 420 meter long and 100 meter wide trench in Mallorca’s cliff line. The beach is created at the mouth of the torrent of Cala Pi, coming from the inland and flowing into the ocean at the Cala Pi bay. However, the torrent only carries water after very heavy rain and thus giving room for this beautiful beach. The cliffs around the bay are covered with pine trees, which give the name to the beach, as ‘Pi’ means pine in Catalan language.


Tucked between the cliffs, the beach itself is only 50 meter long but reaches 125 meter deep into the george. You will find yourself sheltered by huge ochre-coloured, rough rocks, covered with green vegetation. This protects you not only from heavy wind but also from too much sun, as parts of the bay get overcast by shade in the afternoon. At the west of the bay you will see small boathouses which are typical for Mallorca and give a romantic and idyllic atmosphere to the bay. Anchoring yachts in the bay during summer even increase the picturesque charm of the scenery.


At the east, a staircase leads from the village Porto Pi down to the bay over 147 rocky steps, which gives you a spectacular view over the beach when ascending down. The village only extends to the south-east and east of the bay, the inland towards the north and west are open landscape. Blue, clear water enters the trench, which makes the bay a perfect spot for snorkeling. The water is shallow and calm, making it easy for swimming and a preferred beach for families with children. During high season in summer, a lifeguard watched the beach making it even safer to swim. Also parasols and sun chairs are for rent and a small kiosk sells snacks and cold beverages.


At the south-eastern point of the bay, on top of the cape ‘Punta de Cala Pi’, you will find the old watchtower ‘Torre de Cala Pi’. Dating back to the year 1663, the ancient watchtower was to protect the area from attacks by the North Africans. From here you have a nice panoramic view over Cala Pi and over the whole cliff line.

How to get there

The streets to Cala Pi are narrow but it is a nice route along the coastline. From S'Arenal the Ma-6014 in eastern direction leads to Cala Pi. After about 30 minutes you will reach a roundabout, where you follow the signs to Cala Pi.