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Camp Galeb Omiš

Camp Galeb Omiš
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  • A week or more
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Enjoy one of the nicest camps in the country, situated near a sandy beach with beautiful nature

Vukovarska7 21310 Omiš Croatia

Camp Galeb is located in a town called Omiš. It is one of the nicest camps in Croatia and it is open all year long. The camp is situated on the entrance to Omiš form direction of Split. The camp numbers 250 parcels, where you will certainly find a place for your car, camp-trailer, tent, bike and anything else you can think of.


The camp offers a natural shade created by poplars, birches, lindens and tamaris trees. Staying at the camp Galeb will be a pleasant experience and great fun. The farthest parcel is only 300 meters away from the beach. The camp is equipped with two sanitary facilities which include showers, dish washing area, sinks, ironing space and more. It also has 2 invalid toilets, a toilet for little kids, and a dog shower.


This particular camp has family bathrooms also, which provide a complete comfort and privacy to guests.


If you are a sports addict, you do not need to worry. There are many sport activities you can enjoy. Camp Galeb offers football court, valley ball, and handball on sand, a basketball court and more.


Grownups will be able to enjoy aerobics, aqua aerobics, gymnastics, and kids will fall in love with swimming school, mini disco and a mini club.

How to get there

Take the highway to Split, exit at Dugo Polje, follow the road signs to the camp.

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  • Camp Galeb Omiš
Camp Galeb Omiš