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Cape Kamenjak

Photo credit: lostajy / Foter / CC BY
Cape Kamenjak
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A beautiful beach that features a varied selection of flora

Javna ustanova Kamenjak, Selo 120, 52100 Premantura
Lots of restaurants offering local and international cuisine around

Cape Kamenjak is located on the Kamenjakpeninsulain the north Croatian Adriatic Sea and it covers the southernmost part of the Istrian peninsula. Since 1966, Cape Kamenjak has been legally protected as an important landscape.

The peninsula is 9.5 kilometers long and 1600 meters wide. It is surrounded by a 30 kilometer long and has a very indented coastline. In the area there are more than five hundred different species of flora – the orchids being the most prominent.

The rocky islet of Porer is located 2.5 kilometers southwest of Cape Kamenjak.

Opening hours

07:00 - 21:00

How to get there

Driving: Zagreb- Rijeka Highway, take the exit to Rijeka and continue on the road to Pazin-Pula-Premantura