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Casa Caracol

Casa Caracol
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Come stay in tipis in the middle of the jungle

20 de Noviembre 1477, 79900 Xilitla, S.L.P., Mexico

Casa Caracol is an alternative accommodation option located 300 meters away from Las Pozas in Xilita. Here, you will find tipis and cabins to stay near the unusual site created by Edward James. Located in the middle of the jungle, the experience of staying here feels almost worldly and magical.


Tipi Hostel

The tipi hostel is composed of three tipis, each of which has five or six beds.



The site is equipped with ten private bedrooms for two people each. Each room comes with a special design and includes the use of the common kitchen.



The site has ten private cabins, each with two floors each for three people. The upper floor is the bedroom while the lower one acts as a living room with a couch. The river flows in front of the cabins and there is a balcony for you to sit in and admire the beauty of the nature around it.