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Castle Grad

Castle Grad
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The mighty castle Grad is one of the biggest castles in Slovenia

Grad pri Gradu
Grad 191
9264 Grad
Take time to visit the educational and fun park Vulkanija.
Adults: 3.00 EUR
Children and Students: 1.80 EUR

Castle Grad is located in the stunning Natural Park Goričko in village Grad. This is the biggest castle in Slovenia and it was definitely one of the most amazing castle buildings, with more than 350 rooms, big dark dungeons and cold cellars underground.

Castle Grad is now under some renovations and archaeologists are unveiling many interesting stories about the life in the castle.


Builders of the castle have not been discovered but it is believed that it was built by Knights Templar. It was later renovated and rebuilt many times, and we can now see the medieval structure, the baroque and renaissance designs and the chapel from the 18th century.

The exterior around the castle was once magnificent; an English garden with trees and plants from different parts of the world. The interior of the Castle Grad and the huge inner courtyard were once the pride and joy of its noble residents.


Some effort has been put towards reviving the mighty castle into its old glory, but the job is far from done. Some of the smaller rooms have been arranged into museum rooms and are dedicated to pottery, herbalist and other crafts.

The wine cellar is open for wine tastings. Three rooms in the Castle Grad have been transformed into luxury hotel rooms and the bravest guests can spend a night or two in a prestige castle.

The inner courtyard is now arranged into a nice terrace – perfect for a snack break or cup of coffee. Special events are also organized here and healing Energy Spots have been located at some points around the courtyard of Castle Grad.

The partly renovated castle might not seem like a perfect trip, but Castle Grad is really something special. I do not know if it is the healing energy or just an imagination, but you will have a hard time leaving this castle once you see it.

You will want to explore the rooms of the castle, searching for knights and beautiful princesses. The views over the amazing nature of Goričko and the resting atmosphere will fill you up with energy and you will start wondering just how amazing it would be to stay in this castle.

Opening hours

APRIL – SEPTEMBER: Tuesday – Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00
MARCH, OCTOBER and NOVEMBER: Tuesday – Sunday: 10.00 – 16:00
Closed on holidays.

How to get there

Castle Grad is quite hidden and it can be a bit tricky to find it. Your best option is to take the local road from Moravske Toplice. Drive towards Nature Park Goričk, through villages Čerlanovci, Predanovci, Brezovci, Zenkovci, Bodonci and Radovci. You will arrive into the village Grad. From here just turn toward the caste. This is a local road which does not have heavy traffic and it is also quite nice for a biking tour.

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