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Castle of Ptuj

Castle of Ptuj
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Medieval castle that was once marked as unbeatable and secure castle

Pokrajinski muzej Ptuj-Ormož
Muzejski trg 1
2250 Ptuj
Adults: 5 EUR
Children: 3 EUR
Family ticket: 10 EUR

Castle of Ptuj is located on the city hill, offering great views over Ptuj and its surroundings. A short walk to the castle will be a trip you won’t forget thanks to the amazing scenery you’ll get the chance to see. The castle is home to a museum and many interesting exhibitions.


The first descriptions of the Castle of Ptuj date back to the 11th century when it was mentioned as an unbeatable fortress. What was first designed as a military building is now a nice castle divided into two parts: the residential building and the separated outdoors building. The tower is the oldest preserved part of the castle.


The residential building in Castle of Ptuj is now home to eight permanent exhibitions from the Pokrajinski museum Ptuj – Ormož, which are dedicated to archaeological, historical, cultural and ethnological qualities of this area.


Collections in Castle of Ptuj include Collection of Arms, Music Instruments, Feudal Dwelling Culture, Traditional Carnival Masks, Glass Paintings and Castle Gallery.

Some unique furniture from the castle is still preserved and can be seen in the castle. Many paintings were brought in Castle of Ptuj from other castles in this part of Slovenia. The Castle Gallery is now one of the most incredible Slovenian galleries.

A collection of Arms consist of more than 1000 pieces and is the biggest collection of a weapon in Slovenia. Exhibition of Music Instruments has some incredible music, instruments, sounds, records that allow visitors to hear the sound of almost all instruments.

Opening hours

October – April:
from 9:00 – 17:00

May – October:
9:00 – 16:00

How to get there

You will reach castle of Ptuj by a short walk from the Ptuj city centre.

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