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Castle of Ptuj
Castle of Ptuj
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Medieval castle that was once marked as unbeatable and secure castle

Pokrajinski muzej Ptuj-Ormož
Muzejski trg 1
2250 Ptuj
Adults 6,00 €
Children 3,00 €
Family card 12,00 €

The medieval fortress was built in the 11th century when the Ptuj Castle and the town were in the hands of the Salzburg archdiocese. Archbishops let the Castle out to the Lords of Ptuj. The gravestone of the last Lord of Ptuj, Friedrich IX, is built in the wall of the Castle’s ground floor. Between 1656 and 1802, the Castle was home to the Leslie family. Its last owners counts Herberstein, lived in the Castle from 1873 to 1945, when the Castle was nationalized and together with its rich furnishings incorporated into the Ptuj Museum. The oldest preserved part of the castle complex is the WesternTower, dated to the 11th century.


The residential building in Castle of Ptuj is now home to six permanent exhibitions from the Pokrajinski muzej Ptuj – Ormož (RegionalMuseum Ptuj – Ormož), which are dedicated to historical, cultural, ethnological and archaeological qualities of this area.


Collections in Castle of Ptuj include Collection of Arms, Musical Instruments, Feudal Dwelling Culture, Traditional Carnival Masks, Glass Paintings, and Castle Gallery.


Some unique furniture from the castle is still preserved and can be seen in the castle. The rooms are arranged in order to reproduce the historical ambiance. Among the precious works of art, there are Brussels tapestries from the 17th century. The festival hall hosts the Collection of Turqueries, paintings with Turkish motifs created in the 17th century. These paintings represent well-known Turkish and European military commanders and dignitaries, Ladies from the Ottoman Empire, and inhabitants of distant countries. It is the biggest such collection in the whole of Europe.


The Castle Gallery exhibits baroque paintings and some topmost medieval work so fart.


A Collection of Arms consists of more than 500 pieces. Five cannons rank among the oldest artillery weapons preserved in Slovenia.


Exhibition of Musical Instruments is the biggest collection of historical musical instruments in Slovenia. It is representing the former Ptuj military band, city brass band, as well as wind, string, plucked string and keyboard instruments. A rarity of international importance is the Roman tibia from the 2nd or 3rd century.


The Ptuj area is famous for the number and variety of traditional carnival masks. The most popular and well-known traditional figure is Korant or Kurent. According to an ancient belief, the Korant is a demon chasing winter away to call spring to the country.

Opening hours

May 1 – October 14: 9 AM – 6 PM
Weekends in July and August: 9 AM – 8 PM
October 15 – April 30: 9 AM – 5 PM

How to get there

You will reach castle of Ptuj by a short walk from the Ptuj city centre.

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