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Cave Ledenika

Photo credit: Gatanass via / CC BY-SA
Cave Ledenika
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Cave Ledenika

Vraca, Bulgaria 8000
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Cave Ledenika is one of the most visited caves in Bulgaria. In my opinion the cave is a must if you visit Bulgaria. Ledenika is located few kilometers away from the city of Vratca in the Vratca Mountains. The cave is 830 meters above the sea level. The name of the place comes from the ice stalactites inside of the cave. “Led” from Bulgarian means ice. The amount of stalactites increases during the cold winter months of the year. The cave used to be famous since the Ottoman Empire slavery in Bulgaria. People used to hide from the Ottomans, food and other important items inside of the cave; The entrances of the cave comes in around 820 meters above the sea level.

Through out the year the temperatures vary from -7 degrees celsius to 15 degrees celsius. Inside the cave the temperature stays around 8 degrees and the humidity is around 92%. The length of the cave is around 320 meters, divided in 10 different natural halls. The first hall is called “Predverie”, which is the shortest part of the cave. Inside the “Predverie” or in Bulgaria “main hall” you can see a 21 meter tall ice column. The next hall is called the “Plaznqta”, following with the “small hall” and seven more. The “small hall” has a circular shape that offers spectacular ice stalactites. In the “Big Hall” of Cave Ledenika you can see couple of intersting ice forms with mystery names. The Crocodile, Santa Claus and the Giant are just some of the interesting ice forms in the hall. Just next to the “Big Hall” we can see a wonderful small lake that is onlt half a meter deep. Under the “Big Hall” you can visit another hall with interesting name. “The Fridge” hall got its name because of that fact that the locals used to store their food inside of this hall. From the “Big Hall” you can go to the small and big abysses. I recommend you to visit the cave in the winter and enjoy the spectacular views.

It might be a bit challenging to reach Cave Ledenika in the winter, but it will be worthy. Another interesting fact about the cave is that is has a stunning acoustics. Something that might be scare for many people is that the cave is a home of 4 different types of bats. The bats are not aggressive and as long as you do not bother them, they will not harm or attack you. Cave Ledenika is the best maintained cave in Bulgaria and regularly the government invest money in the complex. Do not hesitate to visit Cave Ledenika and enjoy the million years old ice stalactites.

How to get there

In order to see road signs you must go to the city of Vraca