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Cavernas de Camuy

Photo credit: sκullface / Foter / CC BY-ND
Cavernas de Camuy
  • (no stars)
  • 1-2 km
  • Moderate
  • Average
  • 3 hours

Cave formations like you’ve never seen before

Km 18.9 Carretera 129, Camuy, 00627, Puerto Rico

Have you ever been inside a cave that doesn’t feel cold and damp all the time and always looks dark and gloomy? The Caverns in Camuy will completely change your perspective on caves. These caverns are some of the few in the world that feel warm whilst still providing that cool feeling from underground rivers running through the cavern formations.


Paved with stalactites, stalagmites and bathed wondrous amounts of mushrooms, these caves will start feeling rather homey and make you want to camp and have a full cave shelter experience.


Lucky for you, aside from the tour, there’s an option to camp in these beautiful naturally formed caves.


Unlike some caverns, these are geothermal wonders that also lead off to some amazing views of Puerto Rico from within the mountains.


Opening hours

Wednesdays through Sundays

8:30 - 17:00