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Caves of Campanet

Photo credit: GatheringZero / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA
Caves of Campanet
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  • 1-2 km
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  • 3 hours
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Beautiful flowstone caves on the foot of the Tramuntana mountains

Camí de Ses Coves, 07310 Campanet, Islas Baleares, Spain
The entrance fee is 14 € and 8 € for children.

In Majorca’s north, situated in the San Miguel valley of Tramuntana mountains, you will find the Caves of Campanet (Las Coves de Campanet). The stalactite caves are located 50 meters below ground and measure 3200 square kilometers with a length of 40 meters. This subterranean world allows to explore a different kind of Majorca’s natural surroundings and its richness in nature. Being located in a rather remote part far from tourist hot spots, the caves are still a well kept secret compared to similar caves at Majorca’s east coast.


The cave was discovered in 1945 in the course of a coincidence rather than really searching for it. The locals have always noticed the stream of air coming out of a hole from the ground. But it was not until Guillem Torres i Cladera wanted to water his barren land, that the cave was discovered. In search of running water, his worker Bartomeu Palou i Bennàsser believed that the hole in the ground indicated the existence of an underground water stream. When expanding the hole in order to gain access to the supposed underwater stream, the stalactite cave was finally discovered. Soon afterwards, the architect Josep Ferragut designed the combination of staircases, buildings and gardens and a permit for touristy exploitation of the caves was issued.


Nowadays, a stretch of about 600 meter is open to the public. In a 40 minute walk you will explore the various halls and galleries of this impressive subterranean world. Some of the halls even contain small water reservoirs. You will pass through galleries with such compelling names as ‘Romantic Chamber’, ‘Lake Chamber’, ‘Enchanted Castle’, ‘Palm Tree Chamber’ and ‘Musical Waterfall’. All the halls are full of interesting and bizarre stalactites and stalagmites formed by waterdrops leaving these calcareous deposits. A guide will point out the most fascinating ones, each of them carrying a name of an animal or object it resembles.


The caves have also risen the interests of scientists as during construction works to open the caves for the public, fossils of the Myotragus balearicus were found. A species of goat-like bovidae, extinct since 4’000 years. It disappeared from the islands with the appearance of the first settlers. Furthermore, the caves have inspired various artists, such as the painter Casimir Terrassò, who dedicated a painted series to the caves, or the poet Bartomeu Gusap i Gelabert who wrote the poem ‘Caves of San Miguel’ in 1949.

Opening hours

10:00 - 18:30

How to get there

Drive along the highway Ma-13 from Inca to Alcudia and take the exit 37 to Campanet.