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Scene of the famous battle in the First Serbian Uprising

Hill Cegar (Čegar) near city of Nis

Hill Cegar is located six kilometers northeast of the city of Nis, between villages Donji Matejevac and Kamenica. This was a scene of a bloody battle – Cegar battle in 1809. between Serbian Rebels and Turkish army. During the battle more than 10.000 people were killed.
Commander of Serbian rebels, Stevan Sindelic, took the desperate measures, when the Turks broke into the Serbian trenches. The Turks attacked the Serbs with rifles, knives, and bare hands. Realizing that they could not reject the attacks any further, Duke Sindjelic went towards the powder magazine. Luring as many Turks as he could closer, he drew his gun and fired shots at the magazine. The Duke, the remaining Serbian soldiers, and numerous Turks were killed in the explosion
The first monument as a memory of the battle was erected in 1878. In 1927. it was replaced with a new one in the shape of the tower – the symbol of Serbian military camp. The monument was erected on the fiftieth anniversary of the liberation of Nis from Turkish Empire. The architect in charge was Julien Dupont from Nis (a Russian immigrant). A bronze bust of duke Stevan Sindjelic was added to the monument’s semicircular niche in 1938.

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By Highway Belgrade-Nis, exit Nis and by road to Cegar Hill