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Cenote Escondido
Cenote Escondido
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Ideal for beginners and for those traveling with kids, this cenote is located deep into the lush jungle

Cenote Escondido is ideal for beginners to dive, swim or snorkel. It is located in a fantastic location surrounded by incredible vegetation. This cenote was first entered by Hilario Hiler, an American who claimed himself as Mayan when he moved to the area in the late 60’s.


The caves inside are actually a large underground river system connected by sinkholes and the fresh water from the cenote continues down the river and into the Caribbean ocean.


To reach Cenote Escondido, one must walk one kilometer through untouched jungle, where sometimes spider monkeys can be spotted.


Once in the cenote, snorkelers will be able to see fish, turtles and some underwater caves.


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