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Cenotes Dos Ojos

Photo credit: Dag Lindgren
Cenotes Dos Ojos
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An impressive cave system to dive in!

Cenotes Dos Ojos “Two Eyes” are an obligatory visit while in Quintana Roo. To be precise, Dos Ojos is a flooded cave system with 28 known sinkhole entrances and a surveyed extent of 82 kilometers. It is located north of the city of Tulum, making it a perfect day trip while on vacation in the famous city.


Dos Ojos’s exploration began in 1987 and still remains unfinished. Today, it is a popular snorkeling and diving destination. While its appearance might be a bit terrifying, there are no dangerous animals located in the cave, with the largest fish measuring no more than ten centimeters in length.


The name of the site, which translates into “two eyes”, refers to the pair of neighbouring sinkholes that connect into a cavern zone and appear as two large eyes.