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Cerro Negro Volcano

Photo credit: chiaramar / Foter / CC BY
Cerro Negro Volcano
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  • 3-5 km
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  • half day

An active volcano that can be hiked up, and then sled back down

Volcan Cerro Negro, Nicaragua

Located in the Leon province of Nicaragua, a trip to Cerro Negro is not for the faint of heart. Here you will find adrenaline junkies of every age, all geared up at the bottom of the active volcano. Their gear includes knee pads, elbow pads, a helmet, goggles, a jumpsuit, a surgical mask, and a sled. Yes, you read that correctly, a sled.


What these people are about to do is take the hour long hike up the volcano, in the excruciating heat, so they can tour the crater, check out the fantastic 360 degree views of Nicaragua, and then sled back down over the pitch black, and 120+ degree, gravel side of the volcano.


Traveling at top speeds of over 55 miles per hour, the trip down takes less than a minute, but the adrenaline rush will well outlast that.


Half of the people sledding down the hill will wipe out, and most of them will end up with numerous scrapes, cuts and bruises. Despite this, they all make it to the bottom with sand and gravel filled smiles on their faces.



How to get there

Shuttles leave daily from most hostels in the city of Leon