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Chac Mool Cenote

Photo credit: amanderson2 / Foter / CC BY
Chac Mool Cenote
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A paradise for cavern divers

Located 22 kilometers from Playa del Carmen, Chac Mool Cenote has become one of the most popular diving sites on the coast. With deep caves decorated by stalactites, Chac Mool will give you adrenaline rush like no other.


There are two entrances to the main cavern and most tour operators starts from the big ones and into a breakdown pile with a line that leads to the Emergency Air Cenote, where you can surface and breathe. Afterwards, about 600 meters into the cave, you will come into a large room with depths that reach around 28 meters, where you will be able to admire a giant stalactite known as Xich Ha Tunich and at the bottom, you will be able to access the so-called “Monster’s Lair”.


Snorkeling here is also a possibility at the large entrance. There are hammock located outside for those who wait for divers to come back.