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Photo credit: Texcarson
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Come and discovered these impressive Mayan ruins and get off the beaten track in Quintana Roo

Chacchoben “the place of red corn”, is a Mayan archaeological site found in the Yucatán Península in the state of Quintana Roo. These fantastic and often overlooked ruins were discovered by Dr. Peter Harrison in 1972 and were opened not open to public until 2002.


Surrounded by a jungle, it is not uncommon to spot deer, armadillos, spider monkeys, howler monkeys and other animals while exploring the site. Deeper into the jungle, jaguars and pumas are found, so it is not a bad idea to remain inside the limits of the site!


Originally, the entire walls of the structures were coated in red and today, some of the paint can still be seen. The government has placed shades to protect the remaining paint from degrading due to the sun rays. The ruins were buried under hills for over two thousand years until their discovery.