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Chain Bridge

Photo credit: runner310 / Foter / CC BY
Chain Bridge
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Budapest's most famous landmark connecting Buda to Pest

Budapest, Széchenyi Lánchíd, Hungary

The Chain Bridge is the most popular bridge of Hungary and one of the most recognizable landmarks of its capital, Budapest. The bridge connects the side of Buda to the side of Pest over the Danube River. It was opened on the year 1849, after the Hungarian Revolution. Stone-carved lions decorate the bridge, created by Janos Marschalko.


On the Buda side, the bridge starts on Adam Clark Square, where the famous Zero Kilometer limestone is as well as the Castle Hill Funicular, which takes visitors to the famous Buda Castle, another landmark of the city. On the Pest side, the bridge begins on Szechenyi Square, next to Gresham Palace.


The bridge was designed by William Tierney Clark, an English engineer and the construction was supervised by Adam Clark, another British man from Scotland. In fact, the bridge was constructed in the United Kingdom and brought to Hungary in parts.


There are two lion sculptures created by Marschalko János on each side of the bridge. The lions lack tongues, and legend has it that Marschalko killed himself by jumping off the bridge after everyone made fun of him because of it.


At night, the bridge lights up with hundreds of lights, creating an amazing view of the Danube and the city.