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Chapel of Holy Trinity

Chapel of Holy Trinity
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Visit th mysterious mummy in the middle of vineyards in Lendava

Chapel of Holy Trinity
Lendavske gorice
Adults: 2.00€
Children (from 7-15 years): 1.50€
Children (up to 7 years): Free

The Chapel of Holy Trinity surrounded by peaceful vineyards and tranquility has a great way of hiding its sad and morbid history. It was here, among the beautiful nature and above Lendava, where the cruelest battles were fought and where Turks almost invaded the town.


The Chapel of Holy Trinity was built in 1728, on the exact place where an important military fortification stood centuries before. The fortification played an important role in the defense against Turks’ invasions. Due to its great position – on the top of a short hill above Lendava – it offered soldiers great views over the town and over the enemies. This played an important role in the defense of the town and the whole country.


The interior of the church is very simple but it hides a mysterious and scary secret – a real mummy! Legend has it that one of the best warriors from Lendava, who lead his men into war against Turks, died in the battle and was buried on the exact place on his murder.

He was buried in a simple coffin and his grave was soon forgotten. It was not until the 1728, when the construction of the chapel began, that people found the grave with the intact mummy of the great warrior in it.


Truth is just a bit duller. This is actually a mummy of a simple man from Lendava, named Mihály Hadik, who died in 1733. His death was caused by a heart failure which followed the devastating head trauma. He was buried in the cemetery (which is still located at the Chapel of Holy Trinity), in a simple coffin. The material of the coffin and the limestone grounds are for the great preservation of his body.


The Chapel of Holy Trinity also served as a family vault of Kakasdi Hajós, an important family. The vault is hidden behind the picture of Holy Trinity, which is located behind the altar, inside the chapel.


The oldest cemetery in Lendava surrounds the chapel. The cemetery is full of beautiful monuments and tombstones with amazing artistic decorations.

Opening hours

Monday - Saturday: 11:00 – 12:00
Closed on Sundays and on Holidays

How to get there

The chapel is located above the city centre, on a short hill. Ledava vine road will lead you to the chapel. Best way is to take the road that leads towards the Lendava castle and then turn right at the crossroad that lies under the castle. It is quite a long way to the chapel.