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Chocolate Hills

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Chocolate Hills, the gathering of conic hills

Loay Interior Road, Carmen, Bohol, Philippines
The hills of the Chocolate Hills cannot be climbed. A viewing deck accessible by stairs will give you a fabulous sight of the Chocolate Hills, but be prepare to climb many steps.

The Chocolate Hills, located in Bohol, are a gathering of at least 1,260 conic hills spread over 50 kilometers square.


This unusual landscape is made of limestone. The combination of rain, water and underground water slowly dissolves the limestone and creates the conic shape of the Chocolate Hills.


The Chocolate Hills are a National Geological Monument of the Philippines.

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How to get there

Once you arrive at Carmen, you can reach the Chocolate Hills with a booked tour. You can also go by yourself by renting a car, jeepney, scooter, small motorbike or a taxi.