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The Church of Holy Trinity in Idrija

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The oldest church in Idrija with a unique interior

To see the interior of the Church of Holy Trinity, call TIC Idrija.

The Church of Holy Trinity is the oldest church in Idrija. According to the legend of the “tub maker” who saw the first native mercury in 1490, the wooden chapel was built here as a reminder of how this small find changed the history of this town forever.


The Wooden chapel stood here for a long time, until the Church of Holy Trinity was built in 1981 – 1984. The design for the church was created by architect France Kvaternik.


The Church of Holy Trinity is well worth visiting, as it is decorated in a special style, with unique stained glass windows with religious and mining paintings. Also, objects like metal ore, minor’s point, and eternal lamp are part of the design in the church. Prior arrangements must be made in TIC if you want to see the interior of the church.



Mercury was discovered in Idrija in the year 1490 by a tub maker while he was soaking a wooden bucket in the steam. Today, the Church of Holy Trinity stands on the spot where the tub maker made the discovery.


In 1508 the second great discovery was made – highly mineralised cinnabar – discovered on the day of St. Achacius, which was then chosen for their patron. Now, 22 June is the official celebration of minors.


Idrija’s Traditional Municipal Apiary

Traditional Municipal Apiary is located in the garden behind the Church of Holy Trinity. It is a great historical example of traditional apiary from the 20th century, with very beautiful and unique paintings, wooden design and a special hint of tradition.


Be careful not to wander too close to the bees as they can be very inhospitable!


How to get there

Pass Mestni Trg square, turn right at the Town Hall and walk up to the church.