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Church of St. Catherine

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A church which is simple on the outside, but complex on the inside!

Katarinin trg, Zagreb, Croatia

The Church of St. Catherine was built in a baroque-style. It’s a Roman Catholic church and it was built between 1620 and 1632. It had to be refurnished and repaired several times throughout the years. Twice it was a victim of fires, once a victim of an earthquake, but it’s still standing strong! It’s one of the most beautiful places you could find in Zagreb!


The interior of the church is breathtaking. It’s so well-decorated! The decore is detailed, pops of gold come in from every side, but also some black details tone down the whole experience and they make the whole appearence of the interior more friendly and a bit more simple. This church is a nice mixture of rich and smooth.

The exterior is quite simple in contrast to the golden-pink and black interior. The church is so mild and uncomplicated from the outside, you would never expect the beauty it holds from within!


Entry is completely free, but you have to be really lucky to find those doors open! Many have complained that they went to visit the church and they ran into closed doors. It’s quite unfortunate, really. They should be proud of the beauty their church holds!