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Church of St. Jacob in Kamnik

Church of St. Jacob in Kamnik
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One of the most important religious objects in Kamnik

Frančiškanski samostan Kamnik
Cerkev sv. Jakoba st.
Frančiškanski trg 2
SI-1240 Kamnik

The first Church of St. Jacob was built in this place around 1470, and a monastery was added somewhere around 1500. Today, the monastery is home to a great library. The church has added the Chapel of “Božjega groba”, which was one of the last creations of famous Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik.

Today’s image of the church and the monastery is from the baroque era with some additional pictures and ornaments from the later centuries. The Church, monastery and chapel are very important religious sights of Kamnik and well worth visiting.

The church of St. Jacob has a nice interior with baroque frescoes and a beautiful altar. The Frančiščans’ monastery is important especially because of the huge library with more than 10,000 manuscripts and many other objects dedicated to the rich history of Franščičkans in this part of Slovenia.

Chapel “Božjega groba” is one of the most beautiful religious objects in Slovenia. It has important symbolic massages hidden in its design and art.


A nice park is located in the backyard of the Church of St. Jacob and it is a great place for relaxation and a short rest in silence.

How to get there

The church is located on the Frančiščanski trg square, close to the Kamnik city centre. It is about five minute walk from the Mali Grad castle.